What is the Personal Achievement Foundation?

It is nothing more than a name for a phenomenon that is happening, even now, inside each one of us.

Personal implies that this process, the same process that has brought you to this website –– first takes root and manifests in the individual on a personal level. It is the process of self-inquiry, an intrinsic effort to discover something about oneself that first begins to drive the exploration, and later, the embodiment of desired growth and transformation. This can apply equally to personal as well as professional endeavors.

Achievement refers to not as much to “attainment” or “possession”, but the extent to which we have achieved a self-realization of our intended purpose, found our place in this world of infinite possibilities, and derived meaning from what we do and experience. In short, it is where we are in our own creative process of searching and finding, striving and failing, gaining and losing, struggling and being.

Foundation aims to explore and capture some of the essential driving principles of human behavior, and how we can put in place our own unique repertoire of these principles to aid ourselves and others in positive, natural development towards the fulfillment of both our unique and collective personal, professional, spiritual, and societal needs. Together, these three facets form PAF, a resource established for the purpose exploring the human condition, and understanding that which makes us do what we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with a simple framework that will lead to increased perspective, a deeper awareness of the subtle undercurrents of life’s flow, and help those who are ready to enter the Path of Mastery - both of their existence as well as the opportunities they have to impact the existence of others.