Many people can push forward with eyes closed until they reach a breaking point. This may demonstrate commitment, but it does convey mastery in and of itself. We must take great care to study our individual patterns for work and the exertion of effort. Seeking the appropriate level of balance between responsibility and our unique creative discipline is necessary to ensure being able to sustain those efforts long term. One's individual practice requires this balance in order to stay fruitful. In order to not only get to the level of being to apply ourselves fully but to stay at that level over time, we must know how to properly take care of ourselves and those on whose collaboration we depend, to rest, to take the appropriate time off from the things we routinely apply ourselves to. Otherwise, we risk reaching a sort of "glass ceiling" on our efforts, where we are not capable of producing, nor giving, any more than we already have, and may even witness our personal power wither and give way to fatigue and disinterest. These are classic symptoms of burnout and can dampen the most well-trained and proactive individuals' efforts and stall our progress.