Barriers To Growth

Barriers to Growth is a very broad topic. It can cover virtually any and all obstructions on our path towards self-actualization (link to Self-actualization on Achievement). In the beginning, our goal should be to objectively examine our limitations, so we can systematically and naturally recreate them.

It is therefore important to maintain a broad perspective and to consciously remain open to possibility, no matter how unlikely or untimely it may seem. This is extremely important, since we will often recoil from things because of the internal barriers we have set up to keep our perception of the world, and of ourselves, a certain way. Anything that stands to threaten it is often discounted or brushed aside immediately, without further examination. This is a mistake.

Think of these barriers as a sort of symbolic Labyrinth of Adversity, that contains all the things that can (and have), kept us and continue to keep us from ________ (fill in the blank).

The issues below have been brainstormed and are offered as an intuitive aid to generating further ideas about what kind adversity we have all personally encountered and how it can be dealt with it given our unique circumstances. If we can remain open, the intuitive self will be our own best guide to uncovering the solutions to the challenges we face.