Enlightened Detachment

This may sound like a new-age, idealistic concept, but it really has nothing to do with spirituality. Detachment occurs when one is able to put in work on something without trying to control it. At first that may come across as counter-intuitive, but really the issue is the level of contingency we place on our actions. In other words, how much of the effort that we put in do we put in because we expect to receive something in exchange, and how much creative effort can we muster for its own sake? That's not to say that we shouldn't be rewarded for our efforts, but that the dynamic of the exchange is not the same in a person who is able to remove him or herself from the constant expectation of reward, than for a person who works only for immediately measurable reimbursement. Additionally, it refers also to one's ability to let go of social situations, arguments, and possessive notions. The less we feel we need to prove and obtain, the more detached and free our actions will be, the more readily we can face the future with an openness and readiness, rather than with fear and tension. It is important to note that detachment does not imply not caring. It refers to not controlling the things we care about, and is a fine-line distinction that, in general, comes with higher levels of mastery.

Elements of Mastery