The word Discipline has many connotations.
Some definitions are narrow and specific, such as "To discipline with punishment."
Others are broad and highly subjective, I.E. "Artistic Discipline".

In truth, anything that's a structured routine of action that is executed on a consistent basis can be considered a Discipline.

    Examples of this can be:
          • The Discipline of Medicine;
          • Organizational Discipline;
          • Creative Discipline;
          • Self-Discipline;
          • Etc.

At The Personal Achievement Foundation, we will aim to explore the subject of Discipline as it applies to a substantially diverse variety of personal and professional areas, aspects, scenarios, situations, people, and, well... Disciplines.

The Key Ingredient

Time and time again research accentuates the correlation between Discipline and Personal Achievement on both the personal and the humanistic levels. People who lead a disciplined existence (in work and in life), that is, those who follow a structured routine of action that is executed on a consistent basis - tend to live healthier, more productive, more fulfilled, and possibly even longer lives than those who do not.

Cultures that rank high on the Discipline scale tend to have better education, higher work ethic among the work force and rank higher on the industrialized nations list.

Where it Starts

There are many aspects that can be integrated into one's degree of Discipline, such as one's level of personal health, routine and time management, work-life balance, career progression, personal and professional achievement, social and spiritual satisfaction, relationship fulfillment, and even one's ultimate purpose. All of these aspects and more eventually go on to make up one's unique, individual Personal Practice.

However, the process of acquisition of Discipline, or of bringing structure to a given area, begins with Training the Mind.

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