If practice is the body of mastery, Discipline is without a doubt the blood that fuels it. The establishment of personal discipline is an immensely deep topic, and has been covered extensively in publication. Much of what has been said has become standardized, too much of an effort has been made in order to make the subject of Discipline a dry, straight-forward step-by-step "plan."
Before subscribing to this mentality, however, please consider the following point: Every individual is uniquely different in his or her approach to life. Not all problems, challenges, and struggles are of the same intensity or significance to all human beings. Therefore, Discipline cannot be an all-encompassing "way to be" the way our modern association with this word makes us believe. It's important to appreciate that just as individuals are different, individual disciplines will be different, too. What's hard for one, will be easy for another. Something to be avoided by one person will be a major stepping stone for the next.
There are of course, common aspects of what we might consider to be a "disciplined" individual. People who are accomplished, reliable, can be trusted, have a high degree of competence and a track-record of good performance can be generally considered "disciplined", however you interpret the word.
Our suggestion is that you explore the
following resources. Read the detailed reviews and make your own call as to what kind of approach you wish to try, if this subject is of interest to you. Do not be discouraged if your first hunch is not the right one.

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