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Step #1: Critical Introspection

There are many ways to gain insight into the relevant truths that govern our lives. (For a comprehensive list of methodology, click here)

The simplest of these is introspection. If we are able to remain objective (honest with ourselves), simply asking targeted questions can help us reveal deeper truths about our outlook, direction, and meaning in life.

It doesn't need to be innovative or complicated, it just has to be specific.

Step #2: Assessment of Top Successes

Our way should not be to kick ourselves for past mistakes or lost time.
Beware anyone telling you that your self-searching is a waste of your effort.

To create more of what we want, we must understand the driving attributes behind our most rewarding experiences and successes.

Sometimes it's difficult just to see that we've already been successful, much less identify the things that made it possible.

Your successes, no matter how small, hold the key to your ultimate fulfillment and achievement.

Step #3: Defining Personal Achievement

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