The ability to change direction fluidly and to apply new strategies for the achievement of objectives is key in overcoming adversity in any undertaking. Often times, it is not the perceived difficulty that serves as the main obstruction to accomplishing a desired result, but the stubbornness and tendency to stick to one course of action and to resist adaptation. It's very important that we find that what we're doing isn't working, that we are able to quickly make conclusions about it and try something else. In fact, trying something else is actually no small part of reaching a level of sustainable success in your practice, but that's precisely why it's so difficult. We tend to become so invested in doing things "our way" that the urge to resist change can become overwhelming and in itself form a barrier to growth. Cultivating flexibility is simple and rewarding. The easiest way to do it is to take an alternative route with something you do routinely. Take a different road, listen to a different radio station, or perform a different exercise. These are small things, but rest assured they will stimulate the brain in different ways than what it is used to, and open it to the habit of seeing alternative angles. Doing things you are already familiar with in a slightly different way is a small price to pay for opening the door to creative thinking and innovation in simple, routine tasks.

Elements of Mastery