General Competence

This element refers to one's ability to focus attention on the task at hand and achieve a certain level of proficiency in all common activities that occupy our time. The main importance of this is the increased awareness and a learned ability to do even simple things mindfully and skillfully. There is a reason for this: It is a common misconception that if you want to be good at something, you have to leave everything else behind and dedicate all available resources to it. That is one approach. One of the things that's changed in the information age is the rapid evolution of technology and the speed with which we can gain access to new information, as well as get in touch with people that can guide and contribute to our learning process. In this age, it's important to raise our overall level of competence, so that the foundation on which we build specialized skills is itself of a higher level. That way, our overall capacity for achievement and masterful action rises.

Elements of Mastery