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Step #1: Challenging Old Preconceptions

At first, your deeper truths can sound like contradictions, or like they're too simple to be taken seriously.

Paradoxically, sometimes the harder we work the further off track we get. Why does this happen?

Someone once told me that if we move really fast in slightly the wrong direction, it doesn't take very long for us to end up very far from where we want to be...

Therefore, after we examine our successes, we should be able to see whether where we're going now is truly aligned the right way with that which truly matters (to us), or whether we've started living for the sake of more superficial reasons.

Step #2: Tearing Down Constraints

Often the dynamics of life (necessity, responsibility, stress, fear, or any of the issues you found in the Labyrinth of Adversity) drag us down from living at our highest level of potential and fulfillment.

Caught up in duty, we forget what it was like to act naturally, to express ourselves as we are at the source, or to truly define ourselves with our actions.

We do things because we have to, not because we want to. We live outside in (governed by circumstance) rather than inside out (governed by our deeper truths).

To resume our true state of being and go from "have to" to "want to" once again, we first let go of old precepts and then make the decision to think differently: Step #3.

Step #3: Creating New Associations

Principles are cause-and-effect relationship between our intentions and our outcomes. They are "rules of the game" where "rules" are what determines how things happen and the "game" is our life.

When your internal principles become second nature, so does your success in outward things.

One young man who desired to share his stories with the world once put the Principled Approach into action. He decided that every single day, regardless of his mood, his health, his creativity level or his desire to write, he would produce 1000 words of text, no matter what...

Have you ever heard of Jack London? :)

To know the exact, step-by-step process of deriving your principles from the aspects of your life that make you feel happy, fulfilled, and empowered to create more, click here.


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