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Step #1: Creating Individual Practice

Your principles, independent, individual, unique and practical. They are your PRACTICES. (what you can't get by following a prescribed program that says: do this, this, this, and this)

Step #2: Aligning With Personal Principles

You exist for the sake of yourself.

"The establishment of that connection with your greater depth and potential take place when you open yourself to consistent effort of living from those depth." It is not a single event, it is a moment-by-moment process of opening yourself to effort. That is when the depths begin to make themselves known.

Step #3: Entering The Path of Mastery

Knowing where you have been successful and why, and having your principles clearly defined, and having spent some time internalizing, practicing, and seeing the connections and relationships between your dynamic inner world and the way your life plays out accordingly; you probably have an understanding of where you want to grow from here.  Hopefully, this program has helped you rid yourself of the superficial and illuminate that which truly defines you as you are, and creates meaning and fulfillment in your life.  It is our sincere hope that

**For a full spectrum of suggestions in exploring this subject, see the full version of The Principled Approach.

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