This almost goes without saying, but it is worth saying nontheless. In order to achieve lasting results, a consistency of effort must be accomplished. Patience is the ability to delay gratification for as long as necessary. In an undertaking of any significance the skillful individual must be willing and ready to put forth continuous efforts without being discouraged by the fact that results are not appearing as fast as he or she would've wanted them to. Without patience, short term motivation will not last long enough to bring one's efforts to fruition. In the area of skill development, patience translates in part into one's ability to see the bigger picture. Failing to maintain the proper perspective can lead you to believe that your immediate actions are doomed to failure, since they are unsuccessful at bringing about the desired result in the task you are undertaking. Developing patience will teach the committed individual to examine his or her actions as opportunities to train and develop skills which ultimately contribute to the desired outcomes. A very simple way to develop patience is to carry extra cash which is never spent, and to practice controlling the urge to spend it when the opportunity arises.

Elements of Mastery