The masterful individual is keenly perceptive. Perception is a widely encompassing trait. To perceive is to grasp something on a level that goes deeper than mere senses. Furthermore, being perceptive in one area does not automatically imply being perceptive in another. One can practice opening up perception of one's internal individual world (such as thoughts, feelings, conflicts, etc), the surrounding environment, other people, social settings, circumstantial situations, etc. Perception is important because it allows one to function at a level that goes far beyond the surface reality of any situation. While the average person lives in reactive mode and only pays attention to the most immediate, the master is keenly aware of underlying currents in any setting, thereby able to deduce real causes and create events, rather than being controlled by them.
Perception is developed by combining practice of _________ and __________, and by constantly questioning what else may be at play in any given scenario.

Elements of Mastery