Strongly Principled

Committed to his own well-defined principles of thought and action. This concept applies equally to thought as it does to action. To explore the subject in depth, please see The Principled ApproachTM Program. You can read the introduction here. The following paragraph is an excerpt:

The basic premise behind the Principled Approach is that anything that's done as a matter of principle simultaneously addresses some very important issues. For one, it's done for internal reasons, rather than external reasons, making the motivation behind any such action more substantial than if it was merely done to "accomplish something". Second, establishment of definite principles takes the guess-work out of decision making. If you have arrived at a strong understanding of the reasons behind why you do what you do, and are aware of them, you will possess tremendous confidence in your ability to make the appropriate choices in situations that by all accounts are very stressful and demanding, and to act on them without reservation. Lastly, and perhaps more important than anything else, the effort you take in pursuing your goals and dreams will be right effort, in that it is uncorrupted by external forces and demands placed on you by the outside world - remaining true to your deeper values, morals, goals, and desired path of growth. So in addition to being all those things, it also allows for a unique, personalized leveraging of one's individual strengths, talents, and experiences

Elements of Mastery