The Princinpled Approach

It is in the interests of the Personal Achievement Foundation to help you define your own unique path through your own unique approach to life, learning, and achievement. For this reason, we have developed The Principled Approach, TM, a process that is based on your individual attributes. It is not a prescribed system or a compilation of theory on subject matter. It is a series of progressively deeper, individualized questions aimed at discovering and reshaping the underlying patterns of character that impact every area of one's life.
The Principled Approach   What is the Principled Approach?

Part I: Examining Relevant Truths
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  Step #1: Critical Introspection
Step #2: Assessment of our successes
Step #3: Challenging our old

Part II: Deriving Personal Principles
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  Step #1: Defining Personal Achievement
Step #2: Tearing down constraints
Step #3: Creating new associations

Part III: Building a New Foundation
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  Step #1: Creating an ongoing individual practice
Step #2: Aligning the practice with core principles
Step #3: Entering The Path of Mastery


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