A receptive person, very simply, is generally welcoming and accepting of the opinions of others. This trait is a powerful asset when it comes to personal and professional relationships, communication, and any kind of interaction with people. Receptive people are better liked, period. Because of this, they are better received in turn. Few people can live in complete isolation from others. Eventually, our collective growth requires that we collaborate with others. Being receptive goes along in aiding this crucial process, and for how essential it is to our success, it has tremendous value of leverage. In other words, it doesn't take very much effort at it in order to see substantial (and often immediate) results. Countless people have literally been able to transform the spirit of their entire co-existence with others by spending a minimal amount of time and energy towards the development of this socially-encompassing trait.

Critical Questions:
Are you receptive? Are you aware of how you come off or appear towards others?

Elements of Mastery