Self Knowledge

An essential element for the development of mastery is a deep and intuitive understanding of self. Human perspective is governed in no small part by the reactions and responses evoked by external stimuli. In order to act skillfully in any situation, we must know the driving causes behind our reactions towards it, as well as our true capacity for dealing with it. To know oneself also means to have an intimate knowledge of one's limits, and the edge of practice. It means having the maturity of character to keep one's ego in check and to recognize when it's more appropriate to hold off on making a decision, taking action, or jumping to foregone conclusions. See ____, ____, and ____, for related explanation. It's natural to make mistakes on the road to acquiring this self knowledge, but the masterful individual is able to learn about himself before making mistakes, through a reflection on past experiences, situational analysis, and by interpreting the mistakes of others. A critical quality that yields relevant self knowledge is introspective reflection. The mindful individual takes time to look for answers.

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Elements of Mastery