Self-Educated According to Need

There is a reason this says "self-educated" instead of just "educated." There is no denying that education is a critical component of growth in any area, but it's important not to mislabel education as a one-time all-inclusive task such as obtaining a degree, for instance, or receiving a professional certificate.There is a time and a place for formal requirements and credentials, of course, but the individual who is committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism in his chosen field will have to stay ;sharp by continuously refining his skills, knowledge, awareness, and dynamic flexibility. This means staying on top of developments, innovation, and emerging trends on the global scale, while at the same time carefully micro-managing one's own process of adaptation to those phenomena through personal practice. The role of self-education becomes apparent, since it is the only way that an individual can ensure a sufficient degree of targeted growth where it is needed.
Obviously, awareness obtained through browsing relevant publications and subscription to specialized news is a must, but at the higher levels an individual must be willing and able to incorporate a network of peers (for brainstorming and perspective) and mentors (for guidance and aided growth) as well as incorporate as much "active learning" into his practice.

It's imperative to take full responsibility for one's self education and to ensure that there are always additional resources in the pipeline for inspiration, the development of specialized skills, etc. In fact, chances are that any accomplished individual has a long back list of resources which he or she uses selectively based on need, that is never "complete".

Elements of Mastery