Self Education

Point-and-click access to virtually any kind of knowledge, rapid globalization and expansion of the international community, the personal development movement in the West have signaled a changing paradigm in the world of knowledge, learning, and growth (both on the individual and the humanistic level).
This paradigm is creating countless new opportunities (as well as problems) associated with the acquisition of knowledge, development of skill, availability of resources for the unraveling of mastery, as well as access to guidance and support from peers, models, and mentors.
Concepts like "career", "social responsibility", "financial independence," and, most of all "education" are not what they were ten years prior.
What began as "web surfing" has evolved into a phenomenon of global significance (e-commerce, social networking, Youtube), and will only continue to deepen in the coming years.

  • An ocean of new information, constant expansion;
  • Worldwide community and ease of sharing and learning from each other;
  • A never-ending stream of trends and change, a circle of opportunity;
  • Too much information = the difficulties in identifying exactly that's required;
  • Hacks - people who take advantage of the web's anonymity and other people's inexperience;
  • Growing gaps and the increasing shortcomings of the conventional education;
  • Barriers to growth*
*this site was founded on the principle that continuous self-education in context of a changing world with new rules as a necessary foundation for personal/professional growth into the 21st century.
It is a resource that strives to address the challenges of adaptation to this new paradigm, and to deliver a new model for learning and growth in the context of the modern world, so that we can:
a) function as evolving individuals in a changing world, and
b) to be better suited for making contributions to the larger whole.

Lifestyle Learning Model
(coming soon)