The ability to streamline one's effort refers to the analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills that would allow a person to position himself in his work in such a way, that every subsequent steps strongly supports and promotes the completion of the next step, and so on. This accomplishes a sort of "economy of force" which you can read about in ____________'s book ______________ found here. It's important to have these skills even if mastery isn't on your wish list. Without knowing how to streamline work and effort (prioritizing is the easiest way), one is liable to make mistakes such as rushing ahead in the process, and taking on parts or aspects of a project that are not ready to be advanced further without their preceding counterparts, or visa versa. This can lead to a "leak" of effort, where work that is being done is delaying and complicating, rather than advancing and simplyfying. Needless to say, this kind of work does not energize. It depletes energy and creates resentment and avoidance. To streamline work, some components that have to be present are:

  • A plan for completion
  • A list of priorities
  • A comprehensive list of practices and principles*** <-- P.A.

In other words, you able to manage duties and tasks of life without getting sidetracked or slowed by them.

Elements of Mastery